Dr. Jonathan GoodmanMission Statement Dr. Goodman seeks to promote health through education, inspiration, humor, cutting-edge science and ancient medical wisdom. With these principles in mind, Dr. Goodman helps his patients lose weight, conquer inflammation and gain control of their health.  Dr. Goodman gives his patients a way to live without many of the medications so many take today.  Please see the Services page for more information or contact Dr. Goodman at 860-584-5746.  Dr. Goodman publishes a regular newsletter and a daily inspirational email.  Follow the hyperlinks to sign up.  For the newsletter only, you can also click below:

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Welcome to the home page of Dr. Jonathan Goodman, ND. We hope you enjoy your visit to this site and find it helpful! Here you will find information about Dr. Goodman’s medical practice,  messages about current health topics, and videos.  Dr. Goodman is accepting new patients! If you are interested in becoming a patient, please click here for new patient forms and contact information. Patients of all ages are welcome. Are you an existing patient looking to purchase your natural medicines?  Click here to shop online or call the office.

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